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Scooters can give you independent mobility around the house, outdoors, at the mall, or practically anywhere. Smaller, portable models offer easy disassembly and fit in virtually any trunk, letting you take your scooter on the road. And we have a variety of auto lifts and ramps that let you get any size scooter in any car, SUV, truck or van.

We have the best selection of scooters in the greater St. Louis area, with a staff of professionals who will answer your questions and help you find the scooter that’s right for you. We offer the best product lines from top manufacturers including Pride and Golden Technologies, with three-wheel and four-wheel scooters in a variety of styles and colors for people of all shapes and sizes.

Browse through the scooters shown below, take a look at some of the brochures, then come in and take a test drive. Our Mobility Test Track lets you get a feel how each scooter handles turns, different surfaces, thresholds and curbs. Our expert staff will tell you about all the features of different scooter models, and make sure you know how to use whichever scooter you choose.

Pride Scooters

All Kinds of Scooters

We have a huge selection of Pride scooters in all sizes, from compact, portable models to heavy-duty, all-terrain scooters. Many have a choice of 3-wheel or 4-wheel models. Features vary by model.

For a summary of Pride scooters shown here, see the Scooter Bifold brochure.

For a more detailed comparison, take a look at the Scooter End to End brochure.

See any of the following brochures for details on the scooters shown here:

Victory Series - with exclusive Feather-Touch one-hand disassembly.

Celebrity X - Luxury scooter at an affordable price

Maxima - heavy duty performance, exceptional value.

Pursuit - outstanding outdoor performance with luxury features.

Pursuit XL - powerful performance, exceptional style.

Wrangler - rugged, heavy-duty performance with stylish design.

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Pride Go-Go Scooters

The Go-Go series is a line of ultra-portable, lightweight scooters that are easy to maneuver in small spaces. They quickly and easily disassemble into five lightweight pieces that fit into any standard trunk. Three-wheel or four-wheel models are available.

The Ultra X is the lightest of the series, with a weight capacity of 260 lbs.

The Elite Traveller includes two sets of changeable color panels in red and blue.

The Elite Traveller Plus HD offers added stability, with a weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Take a look at the Go-Go Travel Mobility brochure for more information.

Go Go Ultra X


Pride GoGo Scooters
Golden Companions

Golden Technologies Companion

The Companion series offers three-wheel and four-wheel luxury scooters with easy disassembly, Liquicell comfort equipped seat, and a whole host of other first class features.

For more information, see the Golden Companion brochure, or come by to try one out for yourself.

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To find out more, give us a call or come on in for a test drive at one of our convenient locations. For more information on taking your scooter on the road, see Auto Lifts & Ramps.







GoGo Traveller






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