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Beds and Accessories

We offer a range of hospital and orthopedic beds to meet your needs, whether it’s just having a great night’s sleep, helping with back or other health problems, or if you’re recovering after surgery. Semi-electric hospital beds with rails are available for rent through insurance on a monthly basis because of the plasticized mattress.

We have orthopedic adjustable beds that let you sit upright, raise your feet, lounge, relax, or sleep.  The beds feature the ultimate level of comfort and personalized adjustment.  Unfortunately, these beds are available for purchase only due to hygiene reasons.

We have a selection of standard, luxury orthopedic and memory foam mattresses, as well as sheets, pillows and cushions, rails and other accessories. For a general description of what we have to offer, browse through the information below, and then come by to try out our display models, or give us a call to find out more. And remember, in Missouri, medical beds are a tax-exempt item!

Other Accessories

We have everything you need for absolute comfort and safety in bed, including an assortment of sheets, pillows, cushions, and pads, as well as other items that can be useful if you are recovering at home. Please talk to your MediEquip representative to find out more.