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MediEquip Commercial Applications

Accessibility for Commercial Buildings or Public Spaces


Commercial Stair Lifts, Vertical Platform Lifts, and Ramps are installed in buildings, places of worship, and community centers. MediEquip can install lifts and ramps for use by the general public, members of a business, or organization, in the state of Missouri. We work with state and local ordinances to determine proper application, width requirements, and necessary permits. We also consult with architects on comprehensive projects as well.

Please contact our Commercial Division to learn more about the process. Before calling, it would be helpful to know the width of your staircase, and if stamped architectural plans of your building are available.

Commercial Stair Lifts

Commercial Stair Lifts are similar to residential Elite Straight and Curved versions but require additional features not found on a residential unit. These include:

  •  350 lb. weight capacity
  • An over speed brake system
  • Ability to lock when not in use
  • Permits, and/or a certification that the lift meets state requirements

Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts

MediEquip installs Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts from Bruno. All Bruno VPL’s are designed in accordance with ASME A18;1, section 2 and can be used in in some application to meet ANSI A117.1 National Accessibility Guidelines.


Bruno Manufacturers 4 types of VPL’s:
  1. Enclosed: Self-contained, lightweight and easy to install-no hoistway/shaftway construction needed. Aesthetically pleasing with full size plexiglass door and insert panels. Enclosed units are offered up to 14’ and are ADA Compliant
  2. 3-Gate (Toe Guard): The 3 Gate lower enclosure system provides a full barrier at the lower landing with no access under the lift for maximum safety. Full time battery operation for access even during power outages. Access up to 53” inches in height.
  3. Unenclosed: Affordable, space saving alternative used for access to stages, porches, or short distances. Access available up to 60”.
  4. Shaftway/ Hoistway: A Bruno VPL is placed in a shaftway built by others. The shaftway VPL includes a drive mast, passenger platform, doors, gates. Access up to 14’.
Standard Features include:
  • Access up to 14’
  • Keyed, constant pressure rocker switch, and audio/visual alarm
  • Bottom platform safety panel
  • 42” solid side panels
  • 36”x54” non-skid platform
  • Automatic folding ramp
  • Fixed ramp (enclosed and 3-gate – no pit)
  • 750 lb. lifting capacity
  • Reliable, quiet ACME screw driven DC motor with full time battery operation offers access even in a power outage.
  • Gold Warranty: Two Year on major components; one year parts.