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Beds, Mattresses and Accessories

Our customers find that purchasing a bed is not as easy as it once was. It’s not just all about the mattress. There are other factors that play a role in selecting the best bed system when you have physical or functional limitations.

We understand the features necessary to alleviate swallowing or back problems, and lower extremity swelling, We understand how to solve functional problems such as rolling in bed, rising from sit to stand, or swinging legs into bed independently.  We comprehend the need to have beds be caregiver friendly and patient lift compatible. We understand these medical and functional concerns  because we work with patients every day.

We have a large selection of medical beds on display at all times. Our pricing is affordable, and always tax free.

Why Choose MediEquip as opposed to Bed Stores?
  1. Most of our beds are height adjustable and fully electric including head, feet, and floor to bed height.
  2. We have mattresses with incontinent covers or pressure relieving capabilities.
  3. MediEquip beds have or have the capacity to install side rails allowing customers the opportunity to roll, and help rise from sit to stand.
  4. We have our own Service and Part department should your bed have mechanical difficulties.
  5. We offer short term rentals on select beds that include delivery and pick up.
  6. We can bill private insurances should the customer meet medical criteria and length of need.

Medical Beds can be divided into several categories:

Semi-Electric Hospital Beds: The Patriot Semi-Electric Hospital Bed has a dimension 36” wide and lengths ranging from 76”-84”and a weight capacity of 430 lbs. Semi-electric beds offers electric function of both the head and foot ends only. The floor to bed height is performed by a manual crank. These units have a height range of 13” (at deck level) to 23.5”. A semi-electric bed package includes a basic spring/foam mattress and half or full length side rails. These beds have an institutional look but pricing is very affordable.

Full Electric Hospital Beds: The Patriot Full-Electric/Low Hospital Bed is similar to the specifications of the semi-electric with the notable difference being that the floor to bed height can be altered directly by the patient, and through the pendant control. This makes it easier for caregivers to care/change/turn patients in bed. Height adjustability also allows the patient to more easily stand up and transfer.

Basic American Zenith 7100 Adjustable Hi-Low Bed: Full electric bed that has a travel distance from 7.95” to 30” from mattress deck, and have a 500 lb weight capacity. These units can be purchased as a twin or full size width unit. Bed lengths range from 76”-80”. The Zenith 7100 has stylish head and footboard available with different finishes. Standard units come with attendant control at the footboard, user friendly pedal locking system, and a set up counter rotating half rails.

Options include a lighted up bed decking, and USB port.

Mattress is not included.

Flexabed Orthopedic Adjustable Beds:

  • Flexabeds are adjustable beds that have a homestyle look about them and are extremely customizable.
  • Frames can range from twin, to full, to queen, to split king. All standard non-height adjustable Flexabeds have head board attachments standard.
  • The standard model is adjustable at the head and foot only. The floor to bed height, with casters on, is 23”.
  • Mattresses can be chosen from various innerspring densities, to memory foam, to gel memory foam.
  • Flexabed also offers a hi-low bed frame whose standard height is 26” with the casters on, rising up to 33”. Because of the minimum height , orthopedic hi-low  beds are not good for short people, and are not successful for patients who have a difficult time raising their legs into bed.
  • Flexabed produces fold away have rails that can securely attach to the bed frame upon initial delivery or at a later date.
  • Heat and Massage are available on select models.


Bed packages typically include a soft innerspring mattress. We have found, over the years, that most customers prefer a firmer mattress.  Click Here for some alternatives.

Bedside Table: Bedside tables have a surface area of 30”x15” and are adjustable in height. Bedside tables can be used over a bed, or with a wheelchair.  Bedside tables can come as tilt or non-tilt.  They can be used to eat a meal or as a writing surface. Tilt tables have an edging to prevent magazines or Ipads from sliding off the surface.

For information on bed rails and accessories, Click Here.