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Bed Accessories


Accessories for Existing Home Style Beds

Bedside Assist Rails generally fit in between the mattress and box spring, and are placed at the head of the bed. They assist customers in rolling from side to side, transition from side-lying to sitting, and rise from sit to stand. They can help prevent users from falling to the ground.

The Bed Cane is height adjustable with a foam handle and optional storage bag for telephones and television remotes.

For those who need to have a bed rail to prevent a person from climbing out of their bed in the middle of the night, try the EZ Adjust Rail. This system also rests in between the mattress and box spring. It is adjustable horizontally and can be extended 26”-34”-42”. The EZ Adjustable Bed Rail can also pivot out of the way.

Accessories for Hospital Style Beds

The Halo Safety Ring, the only patented institutional bed mobility device that prevents lateral mattress movement, and gap space.  Promotes bed mobility & increases environmental independence.  This is the safety device that is preferred by most independent and assisted living facilities.