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MediEquip sells and rents a wide of ramps for all types of applications and required lengths of need. For a non-permanent solution, ramp length does not have to follow ADA Guidelines of for every one inch of rise (height), there must be one foot of run (length).  The longer the length, the easier and safer it will be to traverse both going up an coming down. Before talking to a MediEquip representative please measure the height plus the number of steps, and the length of the landing that the ramp would rest over.

Ramps are generally divided into two categories:  Portable and Custom Modular

Portable Ramps

Portable ramps are ideal for use at home or on the go. Portable ramps are made out of metal, work in all types of weather, and can range from a 1” threshold to 10’ in length. Ramps are 29”  wide, have a 1” edging along the sides, and have a weight capacity of 800 lbs. Suitcase ramps fold in half and are available from 2 ft to 6 ft in length. In general, temporary ramps are not installed. The lip of the ramp lays flat on the step, and generally doesn’t move as long as the wheelchair or person enters the ramp from straight away.

In general, for every step (7” tall”) a person should have at  least a 3’ length ramp. For 2 consecutive steps, you would need at least a 6’ ramp etc.

The weight of a 3 ft suitcase ramp for example is 22 lbs.

For applications over 6’ in length, trifold ramps are available. Trifold ramps allows for ultimate portability when a longer ramp is needed. The ramp is designed to be used and carried as one unit. An 8’ ramp, for example, can be folded as a 4’ package. Trifold ramps have a slip resistant surface and also have an 800 lb weight capacity. Trifold ramps are available up to 10’ in length.

Custom Modular Ramps

Modular ramps are installed when the length required is longer than 10’ (greater than 3 consecutive steps), when space becomes an issue such as in a garage, or when handrails are required. Modular ramps are used for both residential and commercial applications. The length of modular ramps are for the most part within ADA Guidelines. Modular ramps are offered in a wide variety of materials and colors. Generally, modular ramps require an evaluation to be performed by a MediEquip employee before a quote can be given.

MediEquip purchases modular ramps from American Access. From the date of ordering until installation, expect a 7-10 day lead time.  Click here to see some pictures of some of our previously installed items.