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Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling Lifts allow for easy to use, safe, and affordable options to transfer patients from bed to wheelchair, commode, living room, or almost any location in the house. A ceiling lift system includes a motor, track, carry bar, and sling. Some system are installed directly into the ceiling, and others are free standing or pressure fit. Motors can be portable from room to room or fixed.

MediEquip has installed many Handicare Ceiling Lift applications over the years, and are experts at evaluating and planning a path system to best fit your needs.

If using a traditional hoyer is too difficult or cumbersome, call MediEquip and ask for a free evaluation. Or visit our showroom and see our display units.


P-440 Ceiling Lift:   The “P” stands for portable and the 440 is the weight capacity.  The unit itself is lightweight (10.5 lbs.) and portable. The P-440 ceiling lift is easily removed from one track and installed to another, so you can quickly share a single lift unit in different rooms throughout your home. A P-440 ceiling lift features a pneumatic hand control. Large buttons make it easy to operate the lift and provide clear indicators for up and down. A sling directly attaches to the sides of the motor.

Charge the P-440 using a standard plug and socket through the port on the front.

Other Portable weight capacities are available.

C-450 Ceiling Lift: The C-450 is a versatile fixed ceiling lift that attaches directly to the rail and can be operated directly by the end user or with a caregivers assistance. Quiet and smooth, the Handicare C-450 is programmable and has a weight capacity of 450 lbs. Available with Constant Charge, Return to Charge, and Power Traverse options, the Handicare C-450 ceiling lift can restore independence for users. The C-Series can lift, transfer, boost, and even provide support to limbs for dressing changes.

The C-450 features a pneumatic  hand control with large buttons providing clear directional indicators.

Other C series weight capacities are available.


Fixed Ceiling Tracks: Ceiling Tracks are installed directly into the ceiling with various bracketry depending upon the actual ceiling height, shape and access to the joists. Handicare ceiling track rail is made from powder-coated aluminum and is available in straight and curved sections. Track configurations can be as simple a straight rail extending over the bed to a wheelchair  (10’)  to custom designed tracks that can allow for a continuous run between rooms. A Fixed Ceiling Track ca be used in conjunction with both the P-440 and C-450 lift series.

FST-300: The FST-300 is a free standing track that has the flexibility to be taken on vacation, or set up and used in multiple rooms because it is a track without a permanent install.  Both lightweight (45 lbs) and durable, the FST has a 300 lb weight capacity and can be assembled in a manner of minutes. The FST-300 can only be used in conjunction with the P-440 motor.

Castor: Very similar to the FST-300, the Castor has a 625 weight capacity and is used where a permanent, fixed ceiling track system isn’t practical.

Pressure Fit System: The Pressure Fit System exerts equal pressure between the floor and ceilings while ensuring that the ceiling is not damaged. A PFS can be assembled in minutes, and is a great choice for both temporary and permanent portable series solutions. The weight capacity is 440 lbs.

Carry Bars

Carry Bars are used in conjunction with C-450 Series, and is the part where slings attach. Carry Bars come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Independent Lifter

For those with moderate to strong upper extremity strength, the Independent Lifter allows the individual control of their transfers and remove the need for a sling. The patient operates the controls and pilot their own transfers around the bedroom, bathroom, or wherever they want to go. The Independent Lifter reduces the need for a caregiver, and is ideal if the end user wants a safe, simple and self- reliant lifting experience.   An Independent Lifter can only be used with a C-450 Series.


Handicare makes their own slings, and offer a comprehensive line. Slings vary depending upon patient weight, size, and degree of transfer. Multiple materials are offered as well.

Universal Sling
Basic Sling
Walking Sling