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Curved Stair Lifts

For individuals who have a set of stairs with a curve, pause, or bend, there is an option for you.  Curved stair lifts are able to traverse a wide variety of different applications.  All custom curved stair lifts are measured and built to the exact specifications of your stairway.  Custom stair lifts are measured by a manufacturer trained MediEquip technician, and allow an end user to ride up multiple flights, and enter and exit the lift at a point best designated for your convenience and safety.

Once measurements are approved by the manufacturer, custom curved stair lifts take approximately 4 weeks to ship.  Pricing of custom units are based upon the angles (90 degrees or 180) of your staircase, and the number of turns.

MediEquip is pleased to offer curved stair lifts from both Bruno and Handicare.

For those home bound, or living far away, click here to set up a video chat.

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Lower Cost Alternatives

Stairlift questions? Contact Us!

Stairlift questions? Contact Us!

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