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2000 Custom Curve Stair Lift

The Handicare 2000 boasts the tightest track bend in the industry today, allowing it to fit tightly against the wall.  Each 2000 is custom built and engineered to the specific parameters of your home’s staircase.  Coupled with several advanced features, the 2000 ensures your stair lift is tailor-made for you.

The Handicare 2000 display is available for trialing at South County Store so you can ride before you buy.  For those of you home bound or living far away, click here to setup a video chat.


Standard Features:

  •                User Friendly retractable seat belt
  •                Each unit comes with 2 handheld remotes to retrieve the stair lift
  •                Prevent unauthorized use with provided key
  •                Space saving track minimizes space on your stairs 3.5”-5.5” from wall to inner seat back.
  •                Distance varies depending upon seat type chosen.
  •                Weight capacity of 250 lbs. but heavy duty package of 300 lbs. available.
  •                Adjustable seat height
  •                Safety sensors designed to stop stair lift if meeting and obstruction
  •                Toggle control
  •                Lifetime warranty on motor and gearbox, 2 year manufacturer parts warranty.


Handicare 2000 Options:

  •                Outdoor kit available
  •                Power hinge option prevents the track from constructing a doorway at the bottom of the steps.
  •                Perch seat available for end users with limited hip and knee flexibility.
  •                Variety of seat options (Smart, Simplicity and Style) options and track colors to match to your interior.

Outdoor Package

Powered Hinge

Perch Seat