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Freecurve Custom Curve Stair Lift

A revolutionary design, the Freecurve utilizes a single tube that is custom built to fit your staircase.  The Freecurve maximizes your comfort while providing optimal aesthetics and convenience.

A Free Curve display is available at the West County Store so you can ride before buy.  For those of you home bound or living far away, click here to setup a video chat.

Standard Features:

  •                 User friendly retractable seat belt
  •                 Each unit comes with 2 handheld remotes
  •                 Prevent unauthorized use with the key
  •                 Lifetime of product, which is 10 years as stated  on the manufacturer’s warranty documents
  •                 Safety sensors
  •                 Easy to use joystick positioned on the right or left arm for maximum control
  •                 Maximum user weight of 275 lbs.
  •                 Minimum track intrusion into staircase between 6 ¾”-7 ½”

Free Curve options:

  •                 Active seat option makes sitting down or standing up much easier by supporting your movements
  •                 LED illuminating footrest improves visibility in the dark
  •                 Turn & Go automatically swivels your seat forward while riding down as narrow as 27 ¼” for users with limited knee flexion
  •                 Freecurve can be combined with a power hinge to prevent rail from extending out into a doorway or hallway at the base of  the stairs
  •                 Variety of seat options (Classic, Alliance, Elegance) and track colors to match your track to your interior

Active Seat

Powered Hinge

Turn & Go