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Curve Stair Lift Alternatives

While Custom Curved Stair lifts offer a smooth transition between multiple sets of stairs, they can be costly, and typically have a lead time of 4-6 weeks for production.  In our 22 years of installing lifts, we have come up with some creative solutions to fit a variety of different circumstances.

As a quicker and less costly alternative, a pair of straight units as opposed to one curve unit might be in order.  This configuration is roughly half of the cost of a curved unit.

It is important to keep the following in mind:

  • the individual must be able to walk 3-4 steps
  • the individual must be able to raise up to a standing position
  • two straight units can not be connected into a single curved unit

Below is a 180 degree application. The option on the left demonstrates two separate units.  The end user would have to walk to the next seat, then ride down the second lift.  The picture on the right shows one continuous lift that spans both staircases.

Below is an example of a 90 degree application.  The end user would have to stand up and switch to the second lift, versus the right hand picture which has one lift and a continuous ride along the entire staircase.