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Power Wheelchairs

J600lifewomanMediEquip offers the largest variety of power wheelchairs in a full range of capabilities, from basic to full rehab, from the top manufacturers, including Pride, Golden Technologies, Quickie/Sunrise Medical and Permobil. We’ve included a sampling of the chairs available in the list below, with links to more information.

Our technicians have been trained on the electronics, options, assembly and service of these wheelchairs. Our certified seating specialists and expert sales staff is ready to help you get the power wheelchair that is exactly right for you.

It Starts with a Conversation

When it comes to finding the right medical equipment for yourself or a loved one, we need just a bit of information from you. There are several factors that come into play, especially if you are considering using insurance.  Generally your diagnosis determines what kind of chair is required, taking into account what you need today, and how those needs may change over time. Your environment is also important, how much room you have to get around, what types of surfaces, whether you have assistance or not. And of course, we work with you along with your physicians, physical or occupational therapists, your insurance providers, other caregivers and family.  Please call us and we will help walk you through the process.