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Power Wheelchairs

J600lifewomanMediEquip offers the largest variety of power wheelchairs to trial in our showroom, around our mobility track. We stock electric chairs with a full range of options such as: portability, heavy duty, seat elevators, and custom rehab chairs. We work with the top manufacturers including Pride, Golden Technologies, Quickie, and Permobil. We have included a sampling of the chairs available in the list below, with links to more information.

MediEquip has a certified seating specialist and expert sales staff to help supply you the power wheelchair that best fits your needs. MediEquip also employs its own service staff; trained in diagnosing and trouble shooting problems that may arise such as motors, electronics, or bad batteries.


When it comes to finding the right power wheelchair for you, we need just a bit of information. There are several factors that come into play, especially if you are considering going through insurance. When going through insurance, your diagnosis determines what kind of chair you generally receive and whether this chair is rented or out-right purchased. Your illness generally determines what kind of chair is required, taking into account what you need today, and how those needs may change over time.

In general, you are eligible for a motorized wheelchair, through insurance, if you can not utilize a cane, walker or manual wheelchair in your home; and that by having been supplied a motorized wheelchair you can thereby complete activities of daily living such as going to the bathroom, cooking, or dressing. These declarations must be independently confirmed by both a physician and therapist. From the time you see your physician for an office visit, it generally takes 4-6 weeks for approval.

You are eligible for a new power wheelchair every five years, and this process must be repeated. Only if you have substantial weight gain, a change in physical condition, or repairs that exceed the price of a new chair can you be eligible for a new chair sooner.

Please give us a call, and we will walk you through the process.