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Due to worldwide component shortages and shipping issues, it is taking us longer to get products into stock than normal.  These global issues have drastically affected our entire industry.  Should MediEquip not have the item you are needing on hand, be assured that large quantities are already on order to help offset these manufacturer supply chain issues.  

Please contact a representative about potential ship dates and/or pre-ordering.

Unfortunately, during this very transitional period, pricing and stock availability vary daily.   


Why buy MediEquip as opposed to on-line?     

MediEquip has the best selection of scooters in the greater St. Louis Area. We stock a large selection of portable and mid-sized scooters from Pride and Golden Technologies. We have a staff of professionals who will answer your questions, and help you find the scooter that is right for you and your lifestyle.  Come in and Ride Before You Buy!

Our Mobility Test Track lets an individual get a feel for how each scooter accelerates, handles bumps and turns. Customers can practice assembly and disassembly of multiple units, and should they determine that the heaviest piece is still unmanageable, they can further problem solve with our auto lift and ramp displays.

Scooters can be taken home that day, assembled and fully warrantied by our own Service Department.

Interested in a scooter but can’t come into our store? Please call us to schedule a video chat and see all we have in stock.  If you prefer to schedule on-line, please click here.

Our cost is VERY competitive with on-line retailers.


What is a scooter?

Unlike a motorized wheelchair, scooters have driving tillers with a control panel located at the center, and two handles that allow you to steer the cart just like a bicycle. Underneath the handles are the  forward and reverse paddles that only activate movements once pressed. Control panels show the amount of battery charge left, and a mechanism to control the speed from 0-4.5 mph indicated with a turtle and a rabbit.

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Pride Scooters

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Golden Scooters

Scooters are generally divided into two classes:  portable and travel friendly versus mid-Sized Off-Road

Portable Scooters

Portable scooters can be disassembled into five parts: basket, batteries, seat, front and back section. The heaviest piece is generally front section and can weigh up to 39 lbs. With practice, disassembly can take about 1-2 minutes. Portable scooters have smaller tires, smaller footprints and leg room, smaller batteries and motors, and have limitations as to where they can best operate. Portable scooters vary based upon weight capacity, operating range, and the variables previously mentioned.

Mid-Sized Off-Road

Mid-sized scooters have weight capacities between 300-450 lbs, and have tire sizes that start at 9” and go up to 14”. Mid-sized scooters usually have a much larger leg room, options for higher back rests, and the ability to traverse a wide variety of outdoor terrains such as grass, gravel, and steep hills  While manufacturers claim that these are take apart units, they are not convenient and generally are transported by vehicle lifts.